Season of Bangla Drama: Bonbibi

Fri 9 November - Fri 9 November 7.15pm / Doors at 6.45pm
£8 / £5 concessions

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Bonbibi presented by Culturepot Global

Directed by Filiz Ozcan
Written by Leesa Gazi
Puppetry by Randy Ginsberg
Creative Producer: Runi Khan
Supported/Sponsored by: UBS Wealth Management and Solai Services Ltd.

The story of Bonbibi unfolds in the Sundarbans, an archipelago of islands set deep in the heart of Bengal stretching from Bangladesh to West Bengal, India. The largest mangrove forest in the world, also home to the Royal Bengal tigers, currently faces grave ecological danger. Dokhini Rai, a spirit of the forest who is half-human, half-tiger transforms into a tiger to devour the humans who are destroying the forest. He legitimises killing them as ‘tax’ for all the resources of the jungle. Bonbibi, a child left by her poor parents and raised by animals is chosen by Allah to embark on a spiritual quest to restore mutual respect between man and animal, and the environment they share – their habitat and source of livelihood. Bonbibi is an innovative retelling of this ancient Bengali folktale, through dramatised reading, puppetry, physical theatre and music, capturing the essence of current issues on conservation and the environment.

Duration: 55 Mins

A Season of Bangla Drama produced by London Borough of Tower Hamlets

In it's 10th year, the Season aims to bring new work and old favourites by British Bengalis chronicling the Bengali/Sylheti experiences to audiences in locally accessible venues at an affordable price.  Working together on a single season has enabled new writing and bringing the work of each company to a broader focus.

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Supported by:

Culturepot Global


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