Bigga Fish Street Team Presents: #PUSH

Sun 9 December - Sun 9 December 4pm - 8pm
£4.50 / Main Space (standing only)

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Turn Up, Get Seen, Be Heard #PUSH

Bigga fish street team presents: #Push (Over 16s)

Bigga Fish is an organisation dedicated to supporting new talent and always look for the best acts to perform in our  “Bigga Fish introduces” section at all our major events.

The Bigga Fish street team have created #PUSH to highlight up & coming artists and to show off their talent whether that be singing, MC’ing, dancing, rapping, comedy, poetry or anything else! The overall aim of #PUSH is to find the best young artists to perform at our events as part of “Bigga Fish introduces”. Turn Up, Get Seen and Be Heard. ONLY  £4.50 entry

#PUSH Rules & Helpful Info
All Performers/Entrants must sign up on arrival and collect a raffle ticket to take part in the open mic rounds – raffle tickets are picked out of the hat randomly & signing up does not guarantee you a place in the open mic.


We welcome solo dancers and crews but please note that due to limited space at the venue you must limit your group to 4 dancers per performance. If successful the whole crew will perform at the next Bigga event!!

More opportunities
There are now two ways to get through to the final stages!!

Pass The Mic (opportunity 1) Is open to anyone at the event who is brave enough to step up to the mic!!!

The mic will be passed around by the host. Our street team will be keeping an eye out & a few artists/acts that really stand out and who may get a free pass into the 2nd round of the main Open Mic competition.

Open mic round 1 (opportunity 2) 20 tickets will be picked from the hat. If your ticket is picked, you get to perform for 60 seconds accapella style. You need to win the crowd over, because the audience decides if you #PUSH on to round 2 or not!!

Round 2: (for winners of round 1 and those chosen from the pass the mic round) Perform with your backing track for 2 minutes each! The audience decide if you #PUSH onto round 3 or not!

Round 3:
(for winners of round 2)

Perform a new track for its full length.

The winner is chosen by the crowd and gets to perform to close the show and then at the next Bigga Fish event!!

Bigga Fish
Twitter @biggafish


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