Rich Mix is a charity and social enterprise that offers live music, film, dance, theatre, comedy, spoken word and a range of creative activities for people of all ages and all cultures. All profits go back to support our education, arts and community activities which nurture new and local talent.


  • To deliver a world-class artistic programme that reflects, and is accessible to, the diverse communities who live in East London
  • To strengthen our financial position by maximising usage of and income from the spaces in the building and by reducing costs wherever possible
  • To build our audience numbers and our reach to target groups - especially our local communities - which includes improving our marketing and customer service.


2012-13 was a successful year at Rich Mix both artistically and financially. In this time we have:

  • Offered 469 Arts & Culture, Educational and Film events, of which 214 events were free to access.
  • Sold over 25,000 tickets for paid Arts & Culture events.
  • Ran events for children, schools and families which reached 4,759 children, young people and adults.
  • Sold 106,282 cinema tickets: 98,941 for main releases – 1,641 more than our target – and 7,341 for festivals and independent films.
  • Continued and expanded our discounted cinema ticket scheme for local people with over 3166 tickets sold and continued discounted pricing for our education and schools events for LBTH residents as part of our drive to build local audiences.
  • Supported 86 different companies and artists by providing free rehearsal space with a value of over £200,000 (at our corporate hire rates).
  • Provided a home for 19 creative businesses with a turnover of over £28 million, and which support over 300 jobs, of which over 27% are employees from BAME communities.
  • Continued to take the lead in setting up a network for other LBTH organisations to collaborate and make the case for the importance of the arts.

What we offer

Five floors of vibrant creativity and excellence providing:

  • three state-of-the-art digital cinema screens showing main releases alongside a selection of independent, arthouse and world films as well as documentaries
  • a performing arts venue delivering a line up of arts and culture programmes: theatre, dance, spoken word, music and more
  • education and family programmes
  • four floors of affordable creative workspaces that have become hosts to a number of creative businesses
  • a spectacular top venue and event space with expansive views of the City
  • a huge contemporary bar space hosting events every night of the week, including free events
  • an exhibition gallery space.


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